General rules:

  1. To participate in the airsoft game you must be at least 16 years old. Participants from 16 to 18 years of age must have a parent signed permition, except for private events where younger players can participate with presence of their parents;
  2. Prior to the game each participant is obliged to sign that they have heard and seen the safety instruction and are introduced with game field safety rules;
  3. Decisions of the airsoft game organizer and game manager are not disputable!
  4. The organizer and game manager have the rights to exclude from the game and ask to leave a participant who fails to comply with the rules and is disobeying public moral laws;
  5. Airsoft game is based on fairness and since the pellets do not leave any visible marks on clothing the player is asked to be honest against others. Any suspicious hit is considered a definite hit. If not playing honestly, player receives a warning;
  6. The player is considered "dead", if hit in any part of the body, including the gun, clothing or equipment;
  7. Players, who had been shot "dead" should proceed as follows:
    1. Lift one arm into the air or give an audible signal "dead" (or "out!");
    2. Ensure that airsoft marker is on safety and put an orange tip on the barrel;
    3. Lift the marker into the air and proceed to the safety zone, "dead place" or respawn point.
  8. If a player hits a team member (friendly fire), that participant is considered dead;
  9. The player is not hit if the pellet ricochets from an object;
  10. Using any objects (such as plywood sheets) as a shield is prohibited on the game field;
  11. AIt is prohibited to use blind fire – shoot around the corner by putting out the weapon and not exposing yourself. You can only shoot in your field of vision;
  12. Game players, who are "dead", are not allowed to talk to teammates or opponents;
  13. Indoors only single shooting mode is allowed;

  14. In the game field only airsoft guns are allowed;
  15. Participation in the game is denied if the player is under influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  16. The game takes place in a limited area, wandering outside the playing field is not allowed;
  17. If you spot a non-participant in the game field, please notify the game manager;
  18. All non-participants (managers, photographers, camera operators, etc.) in the field must wear safety goggles and must be easily identifiable from afar, preferably wearing a brightly coloured vest;
  19. It isstrictly prohibited to litter the area, all waste must be contained in one place;
  20. Prior to the game all players should take a tour around the playing field and get to know the are in which the game will take place;

Safety rules:

  1. In the field players must use face protection (goggles or face mask), and they are allowed to take them off only in specially designated sites, the safety zones, declared by the game manager;
  2. In the safety zone players are prohibited to test their guns, put them off safety and shoot. Magazine must be removed from the gun when entering safety zone;
  3. In the field players are not recommended to climb trees, on rooftops and other dangerously high places;
  4. It is prohibited to sneak into unknown spots that the game manager has not approved, such as bunkers, underground shafts etc.;
  5. When in buldings, only first floor should be used, but it is also possible to use other floors if the game manager permits to do so;
  6. It is not recommended to jump or crawl through the windows, hang outside from them and kick the door open;
  7. It is prohibited to shoot plastic, metal or glass bottles and objects, and windows;
  8. Physically violent contact between players during the game, insults, obscene gestures towards other players are prohibited;
  9. If possible, players should avoid shooting opponents in the face;
  10. If a player is not obeying the safety rules, the game manager issues first warning. If a second warning is issued the player must leave the playing field and the game manager has the rights to exclude the player from the rest of the game!

Rules regarding rental equipment:

  1. It is prohibited to disassemble or otherwise modify the gun without a permission from the game manager;
  2. Player has the rights to receive a gun, face protection and ammunition;
  3. Ammunition supply:
    1. with no limit - playing on semi-automatic (single) shooting mode;
    2. a limit of 1500 pieces in game with both semi-automatic and automatic modes (if a player needs more, one has to pay for more);
  4. It is prohibited to pick up plastic pellets from the ground and reload them in magazines;
  5. It is prohibited to toss the gun and break it;
  6. The players have the rights to ask the game manager to:
    1. replace the battery for the gun;
    2. check the gun if it's working properly;
    3. adjust accuracy of the gun.
  7. It is necessary to ensure (together with the game manager) that the gun has no visual or any other defects prior to the game;
  8. While being outside the game area and also in the safety zone an orange cap must be put on the tip of the barrel;
  9. The participant is fully responsible for the rented equipment;
  10. The organizer has the rights to ask the participant to compensate any damage done to the rented equipment;

Regulations on guns and ammunition, used in the games:

  1. Only players with airsoft guns are allowed to participate;
  2. Limitations of projectile exit speed:
  3. indoors - not more than 120 +/- 5 m/s;
  4. outdoors:
    1. electric guns (AEG's) (on full auto) - 120 +/- 5 m/s;
    2. pistols - 110 +/- 5 m/s;
    3. spring powered (shotguns, etc.) - 120 +/- 5 m/s;
    4. machine guns - 150 +/-5 m/s;
    5. sniper rifles (electric) and gas powered sniper rifles on semi-auto mode (single) - 170 +/-5 m/s;
    6. spring powered sniper rifles and gas sniper rifles (with bolt action) - 200 +/-5 m/s;

* - measurements are carried out with 0.2 g plastic pellets;

* - if a player wants to use any marker that does not meet the limitations an agreement with the game manager has to be made.

  1. Minimum shooting distance:
    1. 121 - 140 m/s – 10 m;
    2. 141 – 170 m/s – 20 m;
    3. 171 – 200 m/s – 30 m;
  2. The barrel must be standard - 6 or 8 mm;
  3. Ammunition in these weights is allowed:
    1. 6mm – 0,12-0,43 g;
    2. 8mm – 0,27-0,45g;
  4. In the game only plastic ammunition intended for airsoft guns is allowed.

Using grenades:

  1. In the game players are allowed to use smoke grenades and grenades containing dried peas or airsoft pellets;
  2. Before throwing the grenade, player must notify others by shouting "Grenade!";
  3. Other types of grenades can be used but only if the game manager permits them after a demonstration on how they work;
  4. Explosive action of the grenade:
    1. anyone in 1m blast radius is considered hit;
    2. fragments from the grenade hits a player or their equipment at distant radius;
  5. Grenade strenght conditions:
    1. Indoors not greater than 4th Corsair;
    2. Outdoors not greater than 6th Corsair.
elektriskajiem šaujamieročiem ne ātrāk par 120+/-5 m/s (0,2g bbs)


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