You have not a team or group, who wants play airsoft with you? Than airsoft games are for you. Airsoft izklaide organize games, where take a part many other airsoft players with different skills and levels. Their all cooperate to teams and play various scenarios of military situations. Enjoy to airsoft public players and you will get new hobby, friends and great physical condition.


If you have your own airsoft equipment, than public game costs for you 15 EUR;

If you have not your own airsoft equipment, we rent it for you and public game for you costs 30 EUR (In rent equipment includes: airsoft gun, uniform (jacket, trousers), eye protection, 500 bbs ammunition);

Airsoft games are 4 hour long, where you get max of adrenaline and real military simulation.

Before every game, instructor will tell you rules, instructions bout guns and scenarios.

In airsoft games are include:

    •  Games 4 hour long; 
    • Instructor and coordinator; 
    • Instructions of games and equipment; 
    • Airsoft equipment;


Extra information about game places and arena you can get in content “games”.

Registration to game can sending e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or make a registration form.


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